Podchaser updates
Podchaser updates

Leaderboard & Navigation




Community Leaderboard

The brand new community leaderboard is live! Visit the leaderboard to see top users by number of ratings, reviews, and followers. View the leaderboard





Upgraded Navigation

We've overhauled our site navigation to make it easier to find what you're looking for!



Small Stuff

  • New guides on our API documentation site
  • General improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes

The App & API Experience




Installable Mobile & Desktop App

We just made a BIG update to Podchaser’s progressive web app that unlocks cool new features like:

  • Standalone Podchaser mobile app
  • Podchaser icon in your app drawer
  • Open Podchaser links in the app
  • Install Podchaser on desktop

Learn More and How to Install




API Guides

Added a bunch of new guides to the API documentation site to help developers get started with the best podcast API in the universe.


Small Stuff

  • Updates to stay compliant with GDPR policy changes
  • Improved the refresh feed button for updating podcasts
  • More updates to API docs
  • Tweaks to Podchaser Pro's interface
  • Squashed a bunch of user interface bugs

Return of the Updates




We're bringing back the updates log! Check out updates.podchaser.com to see a stream of new features and improvements to Podchaser.

Search and Scrub





We have made some improvements to search this week: exact name matches will show up higher in results, particularly if they are single word titles (I'm looking at you Serial), and we have improved our indexing to make results more relevant when using phrases. Please give us feedback in our Slack team if you notice any strange search results so we can continue to improve!

We also are continuing to roll out improvements every day or so, a few you might have noticed:

  • the episode player now tells you the timestamp when you hover on the seek bar
  • reviews have had their look improved
  • the search field on episode lists will no longer lose its value when switching tabs
  • plus a bunch of background items to generally increase stability across the site 💪

We have a lot in the works, look out soon for an improved tag editor with autocomplete, a settings page so you can change your username and password, improvements to sharing, and links to subscribe to podcasts in your favourite players!

Categories, schmategories





You might notice a few changes on our brand new categories page over the next few days: in the interest of creating more specific categories we are breaking away from the traditional Apple Podcasts category hierarchy and the start of that is splitting broad umbrella categories like 'Society & Culture' into two separate categories, 'Society', and 'Culture'.

This will mean you'll see both 'Games & Hobbies' as well as 'Games' and 'Hobbies' near the top of the categories page for a few days as podcasts get updated.

Soon (we promise!) you'll be able to claim your podcast and specify exactly which categories it belongs to, so if your podcast belongs in 'TV' but not 'Film' you'll be able to fix that up, along with being able to suggest new categories that are relevant to your podcast! (Audio dramas, we'll have you covered 👍)

We have plans for more specific metadata in the near future as well, so be sure to join our Podchaser Community Slack team (invite link in the site menu) for feature discussion and the occasional sneak preview 😎

Open Beta





You've probably noticed, but we're now in open beta, which means you can throw all those valuable beta keys you were hoarding out the window!

Along with the open beta, you'll see a new icon in your menu - the categories page! The category functionality is under heavy development so you'll be seeing a lot of changes in this space, notably the ability to suggest new categories and to tell us what categories are relevant for specific podcasts. We're aware there are a lot of redundant categories in there currently, so we'll be cleaning those up too.

One of the best things about getting rid of that darned beta login is that you can now share podcasts and episodes to your heart's content, and you will get nice little cards on Facebook and Twitter when you do so. We'll be improving these in future too, and if you have any suggestions about features you'd like to see there, make sure to join us on our Slack channels - you can find the link in the menu.

We've also been fixing a lot of the bugs you've been reporting - keep them coming! One known issue to be aware of though - if you go to an old beta.podchaser.com link you might find yourself on a screen that never loads - a shift-refresh will resolve this, or just go to the equivalent www.podchaser.com address.

Until next time!






We've rolled out the mobile-ready design!

Peruse the site at your leisure on your favourite mobile/tablet/computer/whatever without having to pinch-zoom to read the itty-bitty ant text.

We've also been so hard at work squashing all those bugs you've been making us aware of that we might as well be exterminators at this point. I always wanted to dress like a Ghostbuster, so keep the reports coming in.

Still plenty more to come! Stay tuned for some new functionality in the coming weeks!

Bug fixes 2017-08-06





  • Made category search results more relevant (and actually useful!)
  • Fixed a bug where tags that had the same text as an existing category would cause an error and stop tags from being created
  • Podcasts coming through as 'uncategorised' will start getting the right category as they are re-indexed (check after a new episode has been released and it should be fixed)

Tags and Categories





Hey, all! Sorry for the relative quiet over the last couple weeks. Our lead developer (hi, that's me) was traveling, which slowed our normally quick development pace by a bit. August and September will be more productive though, so get prepared for a deluge of new features very soon!

Today we have a few additions:

  • Tags are now visible on both episode and podcast pages
  • Clicking on a tag will take you to a tag page where you can view other podcasts and episodes with that tag
  • Category pages now let you view episodes as well as podcasts

And coming real soon:

  • We are finishing up the improved mobile experience, it won't be long!
  • We will be adding a page to browse and filter categories so you can see the most used and most popular categories

We're working towards having a public roadmap as well so you can all see the features on the horizon. We know you all have your most wanted features and we want to get them all in there!

Forgot your password?





You can now reset your password if you've forgotten it! This basic piece of functionality is now available (hey, it's a beta, remember?) and you can find the link on the login page.

Plus some bug fixes

  • Ratings will now load correctly on the 'About' page of a podcast
  • A bug that was causing pages to seem like they were loading forever has been squished - please report if this happens again as there could have been multiple bugs manifesting in this way.
  • Not a bug fix but I don't want to start a new list: the link to join our Slack Community is now in the (brand new) footer, along with our social media links. Join the discussion and tell us if you read these changelogs!