Podchaser updates
Podchaser updates

Categories, schmategories





You might notice a few changes on our brand new categories page over the next few days: in the interest of creating more specific categories we are breaking away from the traditional Apple Podcasts category hierarchy and the start of that is splitting broad umbrella categories like 'Society & Culture' into two separate categories, 'Society', and 'Culture'.

This will mean you'll see both 'Games & Hobbies' as well as 'Games' and 'Hobbies' near the top of the categories page for a few days as podcasts get updated.

Soon (we promise!) you'll be able to claim your podcast and specify exactly which categories it belongs to, so if your podcast belongs in 'TV' but not 'Film' you'll be able to fix that up, along with being able to suggest new categories that are relevant to your podcast! (Audio dramas, we'll have you covered 👍)

We have plans for more specific metadata in the near future as well, so be sure to join our Podchaser Community Slack team (invite link in the site menu) for feature discussion and the occasional sneak preview 😎