Current Known Issues

We've invites a few new alpha testers over the last 24 hours, so for those who are new, welcome!

We know some things are still a bit rough, so here is a non-exhaustive list of the known issues as they currently stand. If you come across these, sorry, but they'll be fixed soon!

  • The layout of the login/registration screens are unfinished
  • The Play button on a podcast page is not functional
  • Certain page elements are not laid out properly in Safari
  • Search times and loading times may be a little slow, we'll be optimizing them as we go
  • Load More buttons are still visible when there are no more items to load
  • There is a slightly disconcerting flash/fade on initial page load and login
  • Reviews can't yet be edited or deleted
  • Rated and Saved pages only show episodes currently, podcasts will be added soon
  • 'Rate' button on a podcast or episode page stays grey after rating
  • The placeholder text in the review tab prevents clicks
  • Pressing 'Enter' on the Tags tab will create an empty tag
  • Sometimes you need to click 'Done' twice after rating or reviewing before it closes
  • Facebook and Google logins may not work on Microsoft Edge
  • 'View All' links in search results are not functional

If you find any bugs or issues that aren't listed here, please fill out a bug report on the page or tell us in #alpha-bug-reports in the Slack team.

And if you come across a podcast that's not in our database, let us know in the feedback channel! We'll add it ASAP.