Day 1 Complete!

Wow, the last 24 hours have been amazing! Thanks for all your feedback, it's been amazing to see the responses as you all rate and review your favourite podcasts. We had over 1000 ratings in just a few hours following launch and hundreds of reviews throughout the day - we had an inkling you'd like pushing our buttons.

We've been taking note of all your feature requests, and once things settle down over the coming weeks we will publish a roadmap to give a rough timeline for some of our upcoming features. In the meantime we'll be doing a lot of work to improve the user interface of the current feature-set based on your feedback, such as:

  • Adding reviewed podcasts and episodes to the 'Rated' page
  • User account settings, including changing email addresses and resetting passwords
  • Refreshing saved and/or rated lists when an item is added to them
  • Working towards a mobile ready version of the site

Here are some fixes we've put in place today, and we'll continue working to improve the site based on your bug reports, so keep 'em coming :)

  • Your saved tags for an episode or podcast will now appear when you re-open the rating dialog - this is an important feature so will get more updates very soon!
  • Text colour has been made a bit darker on list items to make it easier to read on some devices
  • Category pages have been made more consistent with the rest of the site
  • The rating dialog has had a number of visual improvements
  • We've made our trending algorithm show more recently rated podcasts so it's a bit more dynamic - the way we sort this list will evolve over time, so please give us feedback!

The Podchaser Team.