Podchaser updates
Podchaser updates

🎛️ Exact/Broad Alerts and Some Improvements



  • Choose Your Alerts Match Type 🎯 When creating a keyword alert, you can now choose your preferred match type of "Exact" or "Broad" to better control your results.
    • Exact matches only the specific keyword or phrase, while Broad matches variations in word order and presence of your keyword.
    • All previously created alerts are now set to the "Exact" match type by default.




  • Hit enter to search podcasts 🍓 Say goodbye to wasted seconds! You can now jump straight into your podcast search results by simply hitting the "enter" button from the search bar. No need to move your mouse or click any buttons. Just type, hit enter, and voila!
  • Cleaned the espresso machine in the breakroom ☕️ Podchaser is now smoother than a perfectly brewed cappuccino, thanks to our recent bug fixes and performance enhancements!