Podchaser updates
Podchaser updates

Open Beta





You've probably noticed, but we're now in open beta, which means you can throw all those valuable beta keys you were hoarding out the window!

Along with the open beta, you'll see a new icon in your menu - the categories page! The category functionality is under heavy development so you'll be seeing a lot of changes in this space, notably the ability to suggest new categories and to tell us what categories are relevant for specific podcasts. We're aware there are a lot of redundant categories in there currently, so we'll be cleaning those up too.

One of the best things about getting rid of that darned beta login is that you can now share podcasts and episodes to your heart's content, and you will get nice little cards on Facebook and Twitter when you do so. We'll be improving these in future too, and if you have any suggestions about features you'd like to see there, make sure to join us on our Slack channels - you can find the link in the menu.

We've also been fixing a lot of the bugs you've been reporting - keep them coming! One known issue to be aware of though - if you go to an old beta.podchaser.com link you might find yourself on a screen that never loads - a shift-refresh will resolve this, or just go to the equivalent www.podchaser.com address.

Until next time!