Podchaser updates
Podchaser updates

Search and Scrub





We have made some improvements to search this week: exact name matches will show up higher in results, particularly if they are single word titles (I'm looking at you Serial), and we have improved our indexing to make results more relevant when using phrases. Please give us feedback in our Slack team if you notice any strange search results so we can continue to improve!

We also are continuing to roll out improvements every day or so, a few you might have noticed:

  • the episode player now tells you the timestamp when you hover on the seek bar
  • reviews have had their look improved
  • the search field on episode lists will no longer lose its value when switching tabs
  • plus a bunch of background items to generally increase stability across the site 💪

We have a lot in the works, look out soon for an improved tag editor with autocomplete, a settings page so you can change your username and password, improvements to sharing, and links to subscribe to podcasts in your favourite players!