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Podchaser updates

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Hey, all! Sorry for the relative quiet over the last couple weeks. Our lead developer (hi, that's me) was traveling, which slowed our normally quick development pace by a bit. August and September will be more productive though, so get prepared for a deluge of new features very soon!

Today we have a few additions:

  • Tags are now visible on both episode and podcast pages
  • Clicking on a tag will take you to a tag page where you can view other podcasts and episodes with that tag
  • Category pages now let you view episodes as well as podcasts

And coming real soon:

  • We are finishing up the improved mobile experience, it won't be long!
  • We will be adding a page to browse and filter categories so you can see the most used and most popular categories

We're working towards having a public roadmap as well so you can all see the features on the horizon. We know you all have your most wanted features and we want to get them all in there!