Podchaser updates
Podchaser updates

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  • Keyboard shortcut opens the search bar ⌨️ Whenever you're on a desktop computer you can quickly activate the Podchaser search bar using cmd + k (Mac) or control + k (Windows). Then all you have to do is start typing. Like a pianist who spilled the crazy glue, your hands never have to leave the keys.
    • Don't worry if you forget the shortcuts, just click the search bar and there they are.


  • Boolean Search in the API 🔎 All Podchaser API users can now use boolean search with and/not/or modifiers when searching podcasts or episodes. Efficiency for the win! Here's a quick guide.
  • Filter podcasts by start date in the API 🌱 API users can also filter podcasts by the date of their first episode. Great for finding new or old shows. Here's how.


  • The Bugbusters were out in full force with their proton packs busting bugs related to search, player, Podchaser Pro data, and more.